Toyota Corolla

1992-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota Corolla
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   1.2. Codes of models
   1.3. Control panel
   + 1.4. Combination of devices
   + 1.5. Governing bodies and instrumentations
   + 1.6. Start-up of the engine and driving
   1.7. Specifications
   1.8. Adjusting data, refueling capacities and liquids
   - 1.9. Possible malfunctions
      1.9.1. Engine start in extreme conditions
      1.9.2. Wheel replacement
      1.9.3. Detection of a place of a leak
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of cooling, heating
+ 5. Fuel, exhaust systems
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. Coupling and semi-axes
+ 9. Brake system
+ 10. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

1.9.3. Detection of a place of a leak


Oil pallet

Oil can leak from a drain stopper of the pallet.

Oil from the filter

Oil can leak from under the oil filter.

Oil from a check point

Transmission oil can leak from epiploons of semi-axes in an exit place from differential.


Often it is possible to determine an antifreeze leak by such crystal deposits.

Brake liquid

Podtekaniye of brake liquid leaves traces on the tire.

Liquid of a hydraulic actuator of a steering

The leak of liquid from a hydraulic actuator of a steering can develop from unions near the steering mechanism.

Formation of pools on a car parking lot, liquid traces under a cowl or on details in the lower part of the car indicate leaks and need of search of the reason. Sometimes to define a place of a podtekaniye it is very difficult, especially, if the motor compartment and the engine in itself are covered with dirt. Oil or liquid smudges in the lower part of the car can communicate back an air stream at movement and mislead rather true place of a leak.