Toyota Corolla

1992-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota Corolla
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1. Petrol engines
   - 3.2. Diesel engine
      3.2.1. Specifications
      3.2.2. Replacement of a gear belt
      3.2.3. Removal of a head of cylinders
      3.2.4. Dismantling of a head of cylinders
      3.2.5. Partition of a head of cylinders
      3.2.6. Assembly of a head of the block of cylinders
      3.2.7. Installation of a head of cylinders
      3.2.8. Check and adjustment of gaps of valves
      3.2.9. Check of a compression of cylinders
      3.2.10. Pistons and rods
      3.2.11. Measurement of cylinders
      3.2.12. Assembly of pistons and rods
      3.2.13. Installation of pistons and rods
      3.2.14. Cranked shaft and flywheel
      + 3.2.15. Cooling system
      + 3.2.16. Greasing system
      3.2.17. Device of injection of diesel fuel
      3.2.18. Car operation on diesel fuel
      3.2.19. Fuel filter
      3.2.20. Fuel pump of a high pressure
      3.2.21. Nozzles
      3.2.22. Glow plugs
      3.2.23. Adjustment of a mode of idling
      3.2.24. Adjustment of the maximum turns
      + 3.2.25. Good advice to owners of the diesel engine
   + 3.3. Engine electric equipment
+ 4. Systems of cooling, heating
+ 5. Fuel, exhaust systems
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. Coupling and semi-axes
+ 9. Brake system
+ 10. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

3.2.6. Assembly of a head of the block of cylinders

1. Clear all details of a head of cylinders and spread out them on a workbench so that they lay in an assembly order.
2. If valves got used, they should be established surely in the corresponding saddles as the shlifovochny picture of all valves is various.
3. Clear a crescent cap and a place of its landing in a head of cylinders. A surface of a cap cover with hermetic and insert into a head.
4. Move serially valves into directing plugs of valves. Cores of valves should be plentifully greased. At repeated installation of valves insert them into the former directing. The same treats and the ground-in valves.
5. Put on cores of valves maslootrazhatelny caps and well press them a piece of a tube.
6. Establish springs of valves on a head of cylinders (at repeated installation of springs on the same valves). Put on the top cups of springs and establish the lift of valves for compression of springs. If the end of a core of the valve acts from the top cup of a spring, insert both halves of crackers of the valve into a pro-point of a core and slowly release the lift of valves.
7. Strike with a plastic hammer by the top part of cores of valves, as is shown in drawing. Thus jump out incorrectly sitting halves of crackers of valves. Put a rag for the ends of springs that details did not scatter.
8. Insert pushers and adjusting washers on former places. Grease details.
9. Grease necks of bearings of a camshaft and enclose a camshaft in a head of cylinders. Several times turn a shaft that it sat down in openings of bearings.
10. Put covers of bearings of a camshaft. Covers of bearings have labels (in a circle) and should be established according to drawing 6.10, that is the top party of number should be turned to the forward party of the engine.
11. Wrap bolts of covers of bearings manually. After that tighten bolts for some passes from the center outside the moment of an inhaling of 18 N of m.
12. Adjust gaps of valves.
13. Tighten a flange of an epiploon of a camshaft from the forward party. A surface of a flange cover with hermetic.
14. Establish the case of production of liquid with new laying. Tighten six bolts and two nuts the moment of 47 N of m.
15. Impose new laying and tighten топливопроводы and an inlet collector six bolts and two nuts evenly a cross on a cross the moment of 18 N of m.

16. Check purity of surfaces of a head of cylinders and the block of cylinders and surely remove traces of old consolidation. If the block of cylinders was exposed to a sink, remove the detergent remains from carving parts under bolts of a head of cylinders. Now it is possible to establish a head of cylinders.